One of the most interesting articulations of a soul is how they are willing to be of service, to themselves and to the world.

I recently met Adam Husler, an energetic and open hearted yoga teacher. His altruistic vision touched me.

“Between studying law and becoming a full time yoga teacher I spent years in management roles with various non-profits, working, in particular with 13-23 year olds.

Seeing the issues that brought difficulties to their lives, I realised that a better way to assist them was to, instead, work on changing the ways to better their environment. Through teaching yoga, my aim is to allow all students to be more mindful and conscious, and if the students happen to be influencers in the corporate, cultural or social sphere then broader positive changes may begin to manifest and diffuse through our society.”

The more we can help others to help themselves, the more we live our words through our actions, we shall arise to a universe of possibility.